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The High-Tech Turf Maker: Grass Turf Mills

Driven to create the newest and best synthetic turfs.

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From simple yardlines to complex multi-colored logos, we create a powerful image for your client.

When you choose Grass Turf Mills as your artificial turf manufacturer, you get more than green carpet...

You get the turf industry leader in innovation and poly fiber synthetic turf technology. Bar none.

Ask "What's New in Turf?"

You have to ask, because we're always changing, modifying and improving our products. That's so you will always stay ahead of the game, giving your customers the clear winner in any turf comparison. With over 230 turfs and field "grasses" and the ability to custom tuft highly detailed logos & insignia, your need is our business.

Call us and we'll be glad to walk you through the process of choosing the ultimate in artificial turf for your application, no matter what it might be. We're the best because we solve problems with amazing solutions!

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